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====== Project Scrapyard ====== This page is just an overview of the project I have worked on in my spare time, for which I did not take the effort to fully document the design. Feel free to ask me anything if you are interested! * [[Chip Tip Collector]] : Prototype built for a casino that detects chips. Meant as a tip collector where customers could donate a random amount to the staff behind the bar. It would flash and play a tune when a chip was donated. * [[Dinner Bell]] : For my former housemates. Press the big red button and a random songs plays throught the house, informing everyone dinner is ready. Pitch can be adjusted by rotating the red button using a grey-encoder, to allow for cool uselessness * [[Countdown LED Clock]] : Used as a promotional item. It was fixed inside a banner for an upcoming local event, where it would countdown the days and hours remaining until the event. Featured a RTC, and serial interface to adjust the time. * [[FanOMat]] : A friend of mine was looking for a way to control 12 fans seperately. Instead of buying something off-the shelf I boasted it would be easy to make yourself. It ended up being more work than expected of-course, but the design features a central module which controls 4 isolated I2C channels, which each can handle 16 fan control modules, using a software controlled buck converter. Tought me that not all fans apparently like to be PWM controlled due to on-board hardware, hence the buck converter to adjust the speed.. * [[Custom Power Supply]] : Title says it all, stills use it, although in hindsight i should have used digital meters * [[RGB Dimmer]] : Built for a student group on campus that wanted to build a prototype of a mobile soothing-cart. The cart would feature many interesting lights and bulbs, which would transform a room with an arsenal of colours. I was asked to build the electronics * [[Mini toy-stage]] : Meant for a performance of a local theatre group. It featured a camera and a digitally controller scoreboard. The set was filmed and displayed on a projector. The theme was nano-electronics, hence the small presentors * [[Useless Machine]] : And of course, the useless machine, every tinkerer who sees this has to build one at some point :)

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