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======= The Raspberry Pie ======== Is it a typo? Nope, this page shows a build log of a raspberry-pi-logo shaped pie. So no source code this time, but recipes, molds, sugar and chocolate! I made this for a local pie-baking competition at the University, and it sure stands out! {{:cake_final_comp.jpg?400|}} ==== Ingrediënts ==== The recipe that was chosen for this build had one requirement, no oven. Not because I don't own one, but because I was planning to make the mold out of styrofoam, and styrofoam does not mix well with heat. Luckily there is a delicous traditionally dutch (I believe) cake, which does not require an oven! It is called [[|Arretjes-Cake]], and requires the following ingredients : * 250g of butter * 250g of margarine * 400g of white bastard sugar * 75g of pure cacoa * 400g of biscuits * 4 Eggs The decoration will take some more chocolate and sugar: * 200g of pure chocolate (60% or more depending on taste) * 75ml of whipped cream * Red and green [[|fondant]] ==== Making the Molds ==== {{:mold_styro_cut.jpg?400|}} The foam was taped on a standard wooden bord wrapped in baking-paper. To prevent styrofoam or ducttape from getting in the cake, the whole mold was wrapped in aluminum foil. {{:mold_alu_half.jpg?400|}} {{:print_cut_decoration.jpg?400|}} {{:print_carbord_deco.jpg?400|}} ==== Making the Cake ==== The recipe is rather straight forward. - Melt the butter and margarine any way you like, I used a double boiler. - Take a large (large!) bowl and mix the sugar with the eggs till a smooth mixture is achieved - Add the cacao to the sugar mix - Add the molten butter to the mix while stirring - Crunching the biscuits. - Add the biscuits chunks to the mix, and voila you're cake mix is done! Just dispense the cakemix into the styrofoam mold, and make sure it is evenly divided. This then goes into the fridge for at least 3 or 4 hours. I left mine sitting there for the night. {{:mold_filled.jpg?400|}} {{:cake_bottom.jpg?400|}} ==== Decorating the Cake ==== {{:cake_glaced.jpg?400|}} After glacing the cake as above, take the fondant, get it flat and big, cut out the shapes, and voila youre done! ==== The Result ==== {{:cake_final.jpg?400|}}

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